As with all traditional businesses, we use a lot of paper, and at Hamilton Legacy, we felt that we could do our part to counteract the environmental impact of this. That is why, through the Tree Appeal Wills initiative, we are pledging to plant a tree on behalf of every client, and for every will we write.

Planting a tree can create eco-legacies for many hundreds of years. As a business committed to leaving meaningful legacies for families, we felt a synergy with this too powerful to ignore.

The trees we are planting are all of a native British variety, grown in the UK and which include Beech, Birch, Oak, Hazel, Wild Cherry, Rowan, Willow and many more.

These new saplings will provide a perfect habitat for wildlife, promoting biodiversity, preserving the natural environment and helping to create a greener world for generations to come.

Planting day at Cramlington Post Office Allotments with Hamilton Legacy

As a Tree Appeal Corporate Partner, we understand the value of tree planting as a key environmental activity. Tree planting and its benefits are easy to explain, and as an environmentally aware company we want to do something worthwhile and sustainable that includes our customers, and we think Tree planting is a great way to promote everyones environmental values, and to create a legacy for future generations.

As we send your final documents to you we will send you a certificate with your unique reference to your tree. You can find out the type of tree and where it is located.

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Discover which tree variety was chosen, and where your tree has been planted through your support of Hamilton Legacy. Simply enter your unique tree code using the link provided below. 

As always, we would be delighted to talk through your estate planning with you, so do email us on or call the office on 0191 406 0747.