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Hamilton Legacy - Wills & Estate Planning

Wills and Why You Need One


We know that most people think they only need a Will when they get old. Let us explore with you the many reasons why everyone needs a Will.


Hamilton Legacy - Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney


You may have heard about Lasting Powers of Attorney from the press. They could end up being the most important documents you have, whatever your age.


Inheritance & Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax
and Estate Planning

Longterm Care & Financial Planning Guide

Long Term Care and Financial Planning Guide

Understanding Trusts and Asset Protection

Safeguarding Vulnerable People

Safeguarding and Protecting Vulnerable People

Business Protection & Wills

Business Protection and Business Wills

Trustees & Guardians

Trustees, Executors and Guardians


“Keeping totally up to date with current law, information and processes is vital when appropriately advising and informing our clients”


Administering an Estate

Administering an Estate

No one wants to think about death. Not their own death, nor especially that of a beloved family member or friend. We help our clients to prepare themselves both practically and mentally, and in some cases emotionally, for that inevitable moment. It...

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Single sex couples

Single sex couples

In our 20 years of helping clients, we have written many Wills for single sex couples. I have been asked to write blogs and other articles regarding planning for single sex couples many times and each time I have struggled.  So, I decided that as...

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The pandemic from our perspective!

The pandemic from our perspective!

As we approach 15 months of living through the Covid pandemic, I thought it timely to give you our experiences to date. I think it is one of the positives, which I will always be proud of, during this time that we have survived and come out...

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